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MIAMI Association of REALTORS®

MIAMI Association of REALTORS®

   Positive News about the South Florida Real Estate Market You Can
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   Broward County Pending Home Sales Rise Again in March

   April 26, 2012

   Miami, FL - The total number of listings – including single-family
   homes and condominiums - that pended during the month of March in
   Broward County increased 7.3 percent, up from 4,121 to 4,421
   compared to a year earlier, according to the... [1]Full Story

   Pending Single-Family Home Sales Rise in Miami-Dade in March

   April 26, 2012

   Miami, FL - The total number of listings, including single-family
   homes and condominiums, that pended* in Miami-Dade County during
   the month of March increased 13 percent month-over-month but
   declined 5.0 percent, from 4,389 in March 2011... [2]Full Story

   Broward County Home Prices Increase Again

   April 23, 2012

   Miami, FL - In March, the median sales price of single-family homes
   in Broward County was $180,009, up eight percent compared to March
   2011, according to the 26,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS
   and the local Multiple Listing... [3]Full Story

   Miami Home Prices Rise Significantly for Fourth Consecutive Month

   April 19, 2012

   Miami, FL - For the fourth consecutive month, Miami home prices
   posted strong gains in March.  The median sales price of
   condominiums in the Miami-Dade County surged 46 percent to $141,700
   in March compared to a year earlier,... [4]Full Story

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   Statistics & Indicators
     * [8]NAR Housing & Economic Indicators
     * [9]MLS Statistical Reports

   Local Economic Indicators
     * [10]Bureau of Labor Statistics
     * [11]Miami-Dade.gov – Business and Economy
     * [12]Broward County Economic Development
     * [13]Beacon Council – Facts & Figures
     * [14]UF Bureau of Economic & Business Research

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     * [25]Pending Sales
     * [26]Existing Sales

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  64. Realtors(R)%20Call%20for%20Broad%20Qualified%20Mortgage%20Definition%20to%20Help%20...

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